About Lud

Lud Oliviera is an artist living in Monterey, California. His paintings reflect his mere joy of painting.

"I choose what excites me and sends me down a path of fulfillment."

He expresses his style in the following words:

“I paint when I experience eagerness and interest without feeling the need to justify the selection. I am not concerned with imitating nature but rather I refer to objects I observe in my environment and on my travels taking the liberty to change shapes and colors whenever I deem it appropriate.

I usually don’t plan mood or color; they evolve.

I have a notion where to place the center of interest. As the painting progresses, I add and alter more colors and shapes.”

“Experimenting with colors and changing shapes fascinates me as I search for new sensations and enrichments until a picture of visual pleasure has emerged.

I choose what excites me and sends me down a path of fulfillment.

As an example, animals painted in bright colors bring out the wild and often whimsical characteristics of species and places them in environs that grow before my eyes as a painting develops.”

Exhibitions in California include shows at the Guglielmo Winery, Gavilan College Gallery, The Avery Gallery, the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsula, and the Pacific Grove Art Association Gallery.